Copper Bear Farms and Ranch is located in Logan County, Oklahoma. Traditionally

a longhorn cow-calf operation. Our free-ranging longhorn herd thrives here and

provides high-quality lean, organic beef to our clients. The 160-acre hilltop also offers

panoramic views, old-growth forests, spring-fed ponds, and lake access. It is an ideal

location for Agritourism (wild blackberry and sand plum picking, fishing, hunting,

and recreational horseback and ATV riding).



  • Copper Bear Farms grows over 15 varieties of bibb, butterhead, summer crisp, red and green leaf, oakleaf, and Romaine lettuces.
  • We also grow basil and cilantro during the summer and fall.
  • Our wild blackberries generally come on at the end of May and early June.
  • Sand plums are ready about mid-June.


Branching from ranching, Copper Bear Farms' business model now includes hydroponic greenhouse growing, primarily for the Farm-to School-Program (F2S) and thanks in part to two generous grants from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ODAFF) and the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Published research indicates that barriers to buying local produce and putting more salad bars in Oklahoma schools are reliable delivery and consistent quality products.
Our Farm to School partner is St. Mary's Catholic School in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Together, we trialed vegetables (primarily Roma, grape, and cherry tomatoes) and lettuces (Romaine and bibb)  to better understand eating trends among children. Copper Bear Farms was able to develop a Business Model for Oklahoma farmers to "Greenhouse Grow the Farm to School Program." It is available from the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture or email below to request a copy. We describe the barriers farmers can overcome in developing Farm-to-School business partnerships and costs associated with building year-round greenhouses. If more Oklahoma farmers grow and sell locally, we can improve our economies while helping tackle childhood obesity in Oklahoma---one school at a time.